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The Bulletin’s 2020 Year in News Quiz

The news that will matter in 2021

Year closes with government books in reasonable shape 

Putting out the BIMs

Australia welcomes talk of a travel bubble

Mallard under pressure over legal costs

Wairoa dental service withdraws, and a quiet regional crisis

Intrigue and brinksmanship in Infratil takeover bid

Spy agency overhaul calls, and response to March 15 inquiry report

Labour enjoys winner's bonus in first post-election poll 

Tauranga council drama comes to a head

Select Committee seats and what each party wants 

What comes next after climate emergency declaration

Auckland Council considers one-off rates hit amid Covid damage

National and Act slam new sick day rules

Police admin failure let mosque shooter get gun license

Massive workforce boost for horticulture sector

Soldier with far-right ties on spying charges 

Pepper spray, solitary confinement incidents show prison culture 

Shifts in foreign policy since the elections 

Contrasting visions on National's defeat and future

New wave of bank closures hitting the regions

5 million Covid vaccines on the way in major new agreement

Stories of the modern housing crisis

Covid on NZ meat claim puzzles government, worries industry

Decision day for mandatory masking

Masks on, stay home if you can – Auckland's new community case 

Housing kingpins safe for now after Reserve Bank changes 

Rain still falling in hard-hit Napier

Benefit increase before Christmas ruled out by PM

Tough week looms for National 

Post-election politics begins, legal wrangles could swing US election

Trump claims fraud with Biden holding slight edge 

Wellington's future being thrashed out 

Plenty of surprises in new Ardernistration 

Greens get a seat away from the table 

Referendum results day, and a Green deal decision 

Idiots abroad infuriated by NZ's Covid response 

Should the government back Chris Liddell for OECD? 

Unaffordable dental care in the spotlight

Covid's back in the community – but has it spread any further?

Everyone's got an opinion for the Greens 

Climate change already happening, says new report 

System springs into action on Port Covid case 

Celebrations and recriminations coming at caucus meetings

Election special: Ardern supreme after crushing Labour win

All over bar the counting?

Campaign grinds to the finish line 

NZ government adds voice in global encryption fight 

Major purchase agreement in race for Covid-19 vaccine 

Advance voting surges ahead of final week 

Minor parties push for scarce positions 

Labour puts little new in climate policy 

Day of drama for National

Dozens of houses destroyed in Ohau fire 

Confusion surrounds Trump's Covid-19 status

For and against a four year term

East Coast looms as race to watch

Peters draws distinction between NZ First party and NZ First Foundation 

The poll the Greens wanted 

Widely different outcomes loom for referendums 

Focus on the farming plans

Who will pick the fruit?

Poll, debate set tone for the campaign

Country moves to a more cautious level one

Fonterra's back to basics strategy pays dividends 

Long forecast recession finally arrives 

Reckoning comes for wage subsidy

Competing education policies presented to voters

Alert levels given another short extension

NZ Rugby packs down against government 

Wildfires stretch US to extremes

Labour unveils deeply conservative tax policy 

Culture change and the new sexuality education guidelines 

Ardern shoots for the stars as the campaign corpse reanimates

The stark reminder of Covid-19 deaths 

Family support looms as election policy battleground 

Alert level one still a long way away

Green school controversy drags on and on 

Diverging outcomes from Covid-relief benefit

Is Auckland ready for level two? 

The Christchurch mosque shooter sentencing, and what comes afterwards

Mixed messages on freshwater regulations 

Changes rippling through architecture of local government

Mandatory transport masks the new normal

Sentencing begins today for Christchurch mosque shooter

National changes philosophy behind border policy

When will Auckland exit alert level three lockdown?

Testing questions as parliament resumes

Reaction to the election delay 

Are managed isolation facilities secure?

How we'll learn what happens next

National wants a delayed election. Might they have a point?

Resurgence plan triggered by Covid-19 community transmission 

Concern from the Cook Islands over travel bubble 

Now the election campaign really starts 

Preparing for a possible return of the pandemic 

Many stories told by latest unemployment figures 

IPCA, police at odds over officer not charged

Tauranga's "combative" mayor on ropes after texts revealed

The rapid rise to prominence of Billy Te Kahika Jr  

Collins wins and loses in latest poll

For and against a massive new hydro storage scheme 

China furious at Hong Kong extradition suspension

International students not coming back this year

National dismisses horror poll as a "rogue" 

Why the relationship with China is so complicated

Minister sacked as chaos reigns 

The fallout of the Falloon scandal

The Andrew Falloon scandal: what we know so far

User-pays managed isolation on its way

Collins reshuffles caucus, will make major speech today 

Kaye departure reports signal massive changes in National

The challenge ahead for Collins

Labour's turn to feel SFO heat 

Did Todd Muller lie about Boag and Woodhouse?

Tiwai Point closing affects everything

Changes coming in managed isolation after 2nd escape 

Hamish Walker, former Nat president in disgrace after Covid leak 

Tough times for thousands on temporary visas

Who gets held to account?

Ups and downs at parliament as parties make final shuffles

Auckland gets Waikato water, but long-term issues remain

New support, new taxes in effect from today

The battle over opening the borders

Fears for paramedic service after pay boost scrapped 

Fascinating poll sets tone for the election 

Will the three-party government survive the term?

New testing strategy aimed at borders, community surveillance

Auckland drought leads to fears of severe water restrictions 

New Covid-19 case in isolation facility, system reaching capacity  

Government scrambles to fix quarantine bungle fallout 

An avalanche of incompetence in quarantine system

Two new Covid-19 cases, serious questions about border

Fast-tracked projects aimed at job-creation announced

Muller makes his pitch for the middle

A dozen stories to wrap the week

Billions needed to fix hospital infrastructure

How Australia sees the trans-Tasman bubble

Level one, zero cases. Now what? 

Can Shane Jones reclaim Northland and save his party?

Winners and losers from sport's spending spree

Normality beckons at level one 

Apprenticeships to be free, skills shortages targeted

US police violence and New Zealand protests

Farmers fairly comfortable, ecologists angered by freshwater rules

The sad farce of Kiwibuild is back 

Political divisions rage as election looms 

Criticism over new 'two-tier' welfare payments 

After winning brutal coup, Muller's National looks ahead

High noon showdown for National

Who has the numbers in National?

Bridges on the brink

A poll that means nothing and everything

Religious groups struggle with level two limits 

Wrapping Robertson's rainy day budget 

A day of concern about police overreach

What kind of Budget will we get?

Clarifying the rules of Level Two

Why does the Friday afternoon document dump matter? 

Peters throws NZ into battle between China and Taiwan

Questions swirling about legality of lockdown 

Disconnect between unemployment and rural worker needs 

The prospect of a trans-Tasman travel bubble 

RMA changes please opposition, worry Greens 

Queenstown crushed by Covid-19, recovery deeply uncertain

Winston Peters pushes his way back into the spotlight

How Covid-19 has affected the Pacific

Good morning, and welcome to Level Three

Global context for NZ's climate change review 

Day of revelations for health system in turmoil 

Deeper scrutiny coming on PPE concerns 

Contact tracing the key to leaving level four 

Contest of ideas over Covid-19 future 

New report shows freshwater still in crisis

Teething issues as school term starts

Bleak scenarios released on day of job losses 

Will the Covid-19 recovery be green?

Quarantine announcement imminent, according to reports

We all need to use less water 

Breaking: Health minister David Clark demoted

The debate on when to leave the lockdown 

Apocalyptic week for NZ's media  

Support needed for those with least 

Government's Covid-19 approach faces serious scrutiny 

Nurse tests positive amid wider workforce fears 

When are we getting out of lockdown?

Community transmission concerns as cases rise 

A question of fairness

Message to NZers overseas changes – seek shelter 

NZ faces future after extraordinary, historic day 

Daily life to change with new Covid-19 alert system 

New Zealand's border is now closed

Coronavirus suspected in Samoa 

Dunedin school closed after student tests positive for Covid-19, others staying open 

Strong warnings amid Covid-19 gathering guidelines

Facing the Covid-19 economic shock 

A day to reflect

Covid-19 officially declared a pandemic 

Lab testing workers strike criticised and defended 

Robertson moves to reassure with Covid-19 economic package 

Is the Predator Free 2050 goal actually possible?

Tauranga rates and why painful proposed rise is needed

Another story puts police culture under scrutiny 

The warning in mass deaths of eels 

A disturbing echo of March 15 attack 

The latest on coronavirus in NZ

Ardern's important international week 

Saving water becomes crucial amid drought 

What do child poverty stats show? 

Covid 19's rapid spread starts to have serious economic impact

Shane Jones vs the vegans is just the beginning

Cannabis vote on a hot knife edge

Jami-Lee Ross, defendant, lashes out again

The donations quagmire deepens

ETS and the accounting of emissions 

Tax cuts for 2020?

Peters admits and denies involvement in journo smear 

Parliament returns as petty as ever

Coronavirus and the OCR 

Trust in question around NZ First Foundation investigation

New poll sets scene for election year

Long cleanup looms after Mataura River floods 

Politicians take limelight at Waitangi

'Red' weather day down South sparks new warning 

Mourning Mike Moore

Concerns grow in public media merger info void

Business groups welcome big infrastructure spend 

Big reveal coming on infrastructure project spending 

What impacts will coronavirus have?

Māori Party revival gathers steam 

Response to Wuhan coronavirus ramps up 

Disturbing stories raise neo-Nazi extremism fears 

What the UN climate refugee ruling means 

False alarm sparks tsunami alert concerns

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