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The Bulletin is an essential wrap of the key stories from across New Zealand , published each week day morning from The Spinoff. It’s totally free, and for those wanting to find out what’s going on in the news, it’s the perfect way to start the day. There’s a lot of great journalism being done in New Zealand, but finding it can be really hard, so sign up to The Bulletin and let us do that work for you.

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Who writes The Bulletin?

The Bulletin is written by Anna Rawhiti-Connell, an editor and award-winning writer at The Spinoff and contributing writer, Catherine McGregor. The Spinoff is a New Zealand news, commentary and pop culture site started in 2014, featuring some of the best writers in the country.

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  • The Spinoff wouldn’t exist today without the generous support of our members. If you want to support what we do, please consider joining up. There is no minimum to donate and you’ll not only help make local journalism happen but gain a bunch of great perks, including The World Bulletin written by Catherine McGregor, delivered every Thursday. Join today!

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The Spinoff's essential wrap of news from across New Zealand, published each weekday morning. Written by Bulletin editor Anna Rawhiti-Connell and contributing writer Catherine McGregor


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