IMHO it is not Chris Hipkin's fault he is still the caretaker PM - all things being "normal" he would be free as Leader of the Labour Party to have already been getting vocal about a lot of issues, but has been commendably quiet! If he wanted to "get political" the triad-of-chaos has given him plenty of ammunition! Not much is leaking, but rolling back advances in Maori language, Tiriti recognition in workplaces, being less preventative and more punitive in the Courts, plus no doubt "beneficiary bashing" (& remember, Superannuitants are also "beneficiaries" ...) are things they have in common & what HAS "leaked" , so in some ways a delay to them gaining power is giving us a bit of a breather, eh?

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Too little too late from a soon to be ex prime minister and a Labour Party that for too long has attempted to sit on the fence of all things, and so lost the support of many rank and file left wing constituents. Israel is a defacto occupying power of the Palestinian people. Gaza has no autonomy to act in any way as a separate state without Israel’s interference. Israel is collectively punishing a whole race in contravention to all United Nations edicts. Every party in NZ should have been crying out for an immediate cease fire.

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Nov 19, 2023·edited Nov 19, 2023

That NewsTalk ZB editor, Mr Crumb (wasn't he in the Goon Show?) who is hanging out for a "fulsome coalition agreement" needs to check the dictionary definition of fulsome:

1) offensive to good taste, especially as being excessive; overdone or gross:

fulsome praise that embarrassed her deeply; fulsome décor.

2) disgusting; sickening; repulsive:

a table heaped with fulsome mounds of greasy foods.

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